Music is
in my blood

With a unique sound ranging from
countryish vocals to hard edged blues,
Kinsley merges Americana/folk songs
with intricate guitar work.



From an early age Kinsley has been around music. His father played guitar and sang at parties with friends and that image has always stuck with him. The turntable always had Elvis, Neil Diamond, Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris, oldies among others. Picking up the guitar himself at age 13, he dabbled with it until the songwriting bug hit him and he’s been playing and writing since. Starting off playing in bars in Steamboat Springs, he’s been singing his songs in and around Denver for the last twelve years. His sound is unique ranging from countryish vocals, to hard edged blues merging into Americana/folk songs while incorporating intricate guitar work to accompany his songs. His passion is unmistakable, lost in every song like it’s part of his soul.



May 18, 2022

Don’t Let Go

Beneath the Surface

In 2010 Kinsley self-published his first novel, complete with its own 11 song soundtrack. The first of its kind, his novel takes you from picturesque settings in the Rocky Mountains to the beautiful Finger-Lakes region in Central New York. The characters are people you know, or have been. Their pain and love and happiness and sadness are real, and pull you in like you’ve been alongside them all your lives.

Visit the website to learn more about the music, the places that make this novel an experience you won’t forget.
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